ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”

Art of Noise

Who’s afraid of the Art of Noise

Type: Album

Format: Compact cassette

Label: Zang Tuum Tumb

Catalogue ref.: ZCIQ2

Series: Confusing Incidental series no. 134

Release date: 22 October 1984

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Chart position: UK: (Starting 3/11/1984) 85; 68; 88; 88; 78; x; x; x; x; x; x; 70; 50; 49; 29; 27; 29; 36; 43; 53; 80; 73; x; 95
USA Billboard 200: (Peak 4/8/1984) 85
USA Billboard Top Black Albums: (Peak 28/7/1984) 22

Sleeve design: XL Design; ZTT

Photography: Anton Corbijn; AJ Barratt

Printed tracklisting

  1. A time for fear (who’s afraid)
  2. Beat box (Diversion one)
  3. Snapshot
  4. Close (to the edit)
  5. Who’s afraid (of the Art of Noise)
  6. Moments in love
  7. Memento
  8. How to kill
  9. Realization

Actual tracklisting

Side 1

  1. A time for fear (who’s afraid) 04:46
  2. Beat box (Diversion one) 08:33
  3. Snapshot (Edit) 01:00
  4. Close (to the edit) 05:33

Side 2

  1. Who’s afraid (of the Art of Noise) 04:21
  2. Moments in love 10:15
  3. Memento 02:12
  4. How to kill 02:43
  5. Realisation 01:42

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.

Sleeve Notes

Inlay: Outer


TITLES include Beat Box and Moments In Love. Working titles for Art Of Noises first album included ‘Goose Jazz’, ‘The Love Of Wealth’, ‘It’s Never Finished’, and ‘The Dialectic of Tact’ But the Art Of Noise suddenly realised…

the art of noise suddenly relealised… what can we possibly mean by religion?

THE NOISE was realised by The Art Of NOISE. Trevor Horn heard it and sang ‘Noiseph killed the video star. Paul Morley felt it and knew that ‘home is where the noise is.’ Electronic equipment was used in the combination of the Noise’s. Anne Dudley, Trevor Horn, J.J. Jeczalik and Gary Langan appeared to panhandle this equipment. Zang Tuum Tumb conducted. Oh, oh, no it’s magic!

Art Direction: XL of Poland Street and ZTT of Basing Street. Photography: Anton Corbijn.

Who’s Afraid Of The Art Of The Noise is dedicated to Henry Ford—whatever sound you want as long as it’s noise—and of course Edward Albee: and their American dreams.

This has been number 35 in Zang Tuum Tumb’s Confusing Incidental Series. The American album—an exercise in whimsy on the sleeve—is number 16 in this series. The British album is number 34. “It’s common sense.”

FEARS, GRIEVANCES, CODES, BLEMISHES, FULL STOPS AND REALISATIONS compiled in the capital between February 28th 1983 and April 1st 1984.

side one
A Time For Fear (Who’s Afraid)
Beat Box (Diversion One)
How To Kill

side two
Who’s Afraid (Of The Art Of Noise)
Moments In Love
Close (To The Edit)

the art of noise suddenly realised… well, we can be unhappy.

(ZTT logo)



‘never say no, oh no’

(Island logo)
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a/ be happy or die
b/ you cannot scream before you can whisper
c/ blessed art of the noisemakers
d/ fulfilled dreams are as rare as happy music
e/ familiarity breeds distress
f/ or god’s sake
g/ any questions?

Inlay: Inner


Gary Langan often visits Australia… (keyboards)

Anne Dudley is interested in the clarient… (Keyboards)

J.J.Jeczalik is a fine cricketer… (keyboards)

Trevor Horn goes boating in Bournemouth… (keyboards)

(Paul Morley read Rimbaud)… (paper)


Into Battle With… (ZTIS 100)

Diversions ONE AND TWO… (ZTIS108)

Close (To The Edit)… American 7"

Beat Box… American 7"

Close (To The Edit)/A Time To Hear (Who’s Listening) (ZTPS 01)

Working titles for the first Art Of Noise LP included ‘Beat Box’, ‘Worship’, ‘Snapshots’ and ‘The Movement Of Desire’. But The Art Of Noise suddenly realised… where everything is bad it must be good to know the worst.

Art Of Noise record exclusively for the exquisite Zang Tuum Tumb. What else? “…it is the traditional task of the prophet to denounce systems of rule and life which deny the freedom of the flesh and imagination.”


Art Of Noise play ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’

And Then

The Soundtrack

And Then…

‘Raiding The 20th Century.’

the art of noise suddenly realised… that waking in the middle of a dream, even the worst, one feels disappointed, even cheated of the best in life.[1]


A Time For Fear (Who’s Afraid)

now cry your heart out if you can
over the ankles in snow and numb
past pain
who’s afraid who is afraid
now there’s a funny thing
a time for fear who’s afraid
we’ll get used to it

Beat Box (Diversion One)

you get to move on, see, do what I say
do this, don’t move
look lively when i say
say this, shut up
see, do what I say, look lively


since last september I’ve been trying to describe
something that can be heard
you never know
you do not do

How To Kill

the fox drags its wounded belly[3]
the gorilla lay on his back[4]
russia and america cicle each other[5]
I have done it again


one duck stood on my toes[6]
yam camdou
yan daba
yan camdoura
a daba roudou[7]

Who’s Afraid (Of The Art Of Noise)

what question will unmask…
reveal to me no more
than what I know of you
you bright disguises

Moments In Love

hours are a small thing
moments in love that drained
her that drained him[9]


but crocodile tears are what you cry[10]
who has the right?
and what else is wrong?

Close (To The Edit)

your final breath
is in the air, pure white
and moving fast[11]

oh to be in England[12]
the time is coming near
who’s afraid

The art of noise suddenly realised… that he who seeks to mediate between two bold thinks stamps himself as mediocre; he has not eyes to see uniqueness; to perceive resemblances everywhere, make everything alike, is a sign of weak eyesight[13]

Unauthorised Public Performance Broadcasting And Copying Of This Cassette Prohibited. All Right Of The Manufacturer And Of The Owner Of The Recorded Work Reserved.

ZCIQ 2 (the cassette)

Manufacturer by Island Records

Released October 1984

published by Perfect Songs Ltd-Unforgettable

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Anne Dudley

Gary Langan

JJ Jeczalik

Paul Morley

Trevor Horn