ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

Intermission (The gods are bored)

It was one of those mornings if I remember
It was still very early
Frowns and tears and laughs of last night far away
The sun was climbing up in the sky
And over the clouds, out there
Oh no, no, the gods are bored again

Intermission for the gods are bored
Les dieux s’ennuient car le ciel est gris
[The gods are bored because the sky is gray]
The game is to be played
Demonic contract, not a miracle
The next performance starts in ten minutes
Don’t miss the treat

(Intermission) The gods are bored
(Intermission) For the gods are bored
We can change the world, we feel so good
Such an unfair, unfair affair

Ladies and gentlemen
Le monde a tant de plaisir de vous présenter
Never shown before anywhere in the entire world
Un numéro extrèmement dangereux
The fabulous, formidable, incredible, divine deliberators
Le numéro du dieu éternel

Hey god you’re not always funny
And I know you’ve got weakness too

(Intermission) The gods are bored
(Intermission) You are bored
(Intermission) But things could start to change
(Intermission) Things are changing

And destiny looses its head
Because fatality starts being difficult again
She’s such a know it all
Always cramping somebody else’s style
And chance, chance has disappeared again
And we might not ever, ever see her again
Oh yes, camp, so camp

(Intermission) The gods are bored
(Intermission) The gods are bored
(Intermission) For the gods are bored
(Intermission) The gods are bored again

Credit: Thanks to adnagaporp and manu2 for help with transcription.