ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”


Red is the colour of blood when I cut myself
And I’m bleeding but that’s not a bad thing
Red is the colour of poppies and sports cars
A strong symbol of liveliness

Red is the colour of the heart that I love you with
That I draw for you every time I see you
It’s the colour of stickered up items
That you can purchase from most major stores

I look to the king
I’m floating an outline
When I realise
I don’t know what gold is

Blue is the colour of the ink that I’m writing with
Painting pictures of what I’m perceiving
Blue is the colour of the planet we live upon
Even though me, I always thought it was green

Blue is a feeling people sing songs about
Wrote three chords about when they’re feeling down
Look to the sky, don’t feel blue
I’m just happy I’m looking at you

I’m swimming in oceans
I’m scaling the trees
Effortless it seems
I know where home is

No, no, no

There is a colour that I’ve never seen before
My friends got it inside his mind
It must be a completely new colour
’cause there’s no possible way to describe it

Maybe the colour of the spaces between us
Or the colour of brand new ideas
Is the colour that my friend’s is thinking of
I’ve been seeing this colour for years

I take a deep breath
Return to the king
When I realize
I know what gold is

No, no, no

I’m spiraling backwards
Through palettes and tones
The earth carries us
And we are home