ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

Running through tunnels

In this town we live like rats
With license plates on carrier bags
By pen and gun, by word or bullet
By tongue or teeth they’d eat us all, if only they could

Scimper, scamper
What’s for dinner
Scrimp and save up all your morsels
It’s your turn to be our next meal

As you can see in the life I’ve lead
A generation that’s up ahead
To change the way we think and do
And soon they will get to you

Scimper, scamper
What’s for dinner
Follow me pretty things
There’s evil needles in this haystack

Ah, the piper left his calling card
His calling card, his calling card
The dustman took our home
We bled into the drains and ran off to the sea

Oh well, the melody is calling us
It’s calling us, it’s calling us
We’re scratching our heads
So follow my lead, sniffing out the dead

Scimper, scamper
What’s for dinner
It’s your turn
To be our next meal