ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

Loneliness and solitude

Trevor: Hey, Ian. What’s it been, ten years?
Ian: No time for small talk. Let’s get right down to business. Let’s write the next Sky Show song together. You and me.
Trevor: Sky show. I’ve heard that there’s a hero guy beating up bad guys whilst playing our song over the sunny blue skies of LA. What’s his name, Nice Guy?
Ian: It’s I-Guy
Trevor: Ian. You know that guy don’t you. Introduce us and I’ll produce something better than that Sky Show song.
Ally: I-Guy. That’s amazing Daddy. You can sell at least ten million worldwide.
Trevor: mmm Mr Nice Guy.
Ian: It’s I-Guy. I-Guy, I-Guy. It’s all about I-Guy. Just you watch I-Guy. I’ll show you Ian is its real power.