ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

Interlude (AON)


What’s so special about the Art of Noise? I supposed the fact that they nobly attempt sort of stupidly impossible things sometimes.


Any mental activity is easy if it need not take reality into account. The role of melody in music is precisely that of drawing in painting.


Imagine an actor saying the following. Imagine me saying the following.

When Debussy died on March 25th 1918 in Paris it was being bombarded by Germans and it was raining. It was raining. And it’s weeping in my heart like it’s raining in the town. Weeping in my heart, like it’s raining. Imagine Debussy soaked to the skin. It was raining.

Imagine an actor saying the following in a nice deep voice when perhaps a hint of a French accent.

Eventually Claude Debussy was recognised as one of the greatest composers of his time. Today he is more than that. He is considered not only the greatest French composer who ever lived, he is considered the revolutionary who set 20th Century music on it’s way.