ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

‘Listen in

The fears of Cruise and devastation
Dreams power heartbeat preservation
If you’re black or gay or a woman
Equality at last is coming

A world of hate and all that brings
Power is lurking in the wings
Three men and just one woman scheme
To give god time to save the queen

New York, Phoenix
Warsaw, Moscow
Peking, Kowloon
London, Glasgow

Go faster, faster
Closer to the edge
Winning, losing
Closer to the edge

Driving, colliding
Closer to the edge
Mirror is shining
The image of the edge

Tra la — Tra la — Tra la la

Clo — Clo — Clo — Close
To the — To the — To the edge
To — To — To — To the edge

Nineteen eighty-four and wait
Big Brother is computer dating
To play monopoly with lives
Of widows, sons and husband’s wives

With all hope may still prevail
To lift decay that dark has failed
By showing there’s no place to hide
Remove the noose of suicide