ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”


…and I should know. So we put out a record. It was called ‘Into Battle’. And we thought what would the Art of Noise look like. And it was, it was obvious to us what they would look like. They would look like a spanner. Because a spanner is intrinsically more interesting than the lead singer of Tears For Fears. And we put out this record called ‘Into Battle’ and it made number 2 in a dance chart in Seattle. Unfortunately to make number 2 in a dance chart in Seattle means that 23 people know what you’re doing. Whereas if you’re the lead singer of Tears For Fears 74 million people in the Egypt alone know what you’re doing.

Credit: Thanks to Sebastian for the transcription.

Notes: This is an extract of a live recording of Paul Morley’s monologue at the ‘Ambassadors showcase’ in 1985.