ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

The song with no name

Long years ago I fell in love
With a lady proud and fair
So passionate were she and I
We made fire in the air

I loved her more than life itself
She loved me just the same
And it broke my heart to think we’d part
If she ended the affair

But I was brutal, I was ignorant
I was cruel, I was brash
I never gave a damn about
The beauty that I smashed

No sadist I, I found delight
In making my love cry
Now I’d pray for a single kiss from her
To be lashed and crucified

And now I fear this lady fair
Can never more be mine
Long gone are nights in my lonely bed
All suffering and crying

And though I fear that through this life
She’ll call me only friend
Until I’m dead and buried in my grave
My love will never end