ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

The only rhyme that bites

The only rhyme that bites
Step back while I attack the mic
Demon rhymes like a script from Fright Night
Wrote like a poet
Designed like a sculptor
Carved from steel ’cause strength is my culture
Slip in my clip automatic fully loaded
Lyrics like lead and beats my component
Put together like a ten foot sledgehammer
Rock the 24 track like an earth tremor
Now I’m equipped, tooled up to the front teeth
Exceed my limits with a rhyme and a firm belief
That I am unstoppable, chew punks up like cannibal
Don’t like what I say, then sue me for libel
So step it up to a canter like a stallion
My boys’ title is Manchester’s battalion
Now you’ve heard the north at its heights
The drums rumble and you know the rhyme bites

The only rhyme that bites
The only rhyme that bites

Get down

And my boys lay beats like bricks and I’m kicking
Bass so sharp take your head off
And then lay down the cut, rewind and hut
Now do you dig it ’cause the beat drop will kick
But the overload is too much to handle
Volume increases as I dismantle
I pack jams like a party in a tin can
Leave you to chill like a fridge in a mean van
You get the urge like a surge of adrenalin
Lose you mind ’cause you know there’s never been
A pale face lover of the nineties, the governor
Those weak hearted just might not recover
Now you know the rhyme’s unbelievable
The blood thumps and my punches do not pull
Cos I’m the dan, more fibre than Hi-Bran
Ask if I rock, say sure I can
I am the host, a killer with an attitude
Stomp holes in heads at the hint of a feud
I hit rhymes out like steel trucks
You dig it like a point of a meat hook
Roll to you like a concrete baseball
Make noise like a battle in a pub brawl

The only rhyme that bites
The only rhyme that bites

Give it up to me
Wind it up
Here we go
One more time

I’m a human funk box
And I commence with a gear change
First the fourth, bust punks into grass stains
Beats my belief, sounds my religion
Don’t chase trends ’cause tunes is originality
So come follow me, it gets hard with my funky brutality
On the mic I’ll fright, make the sight right
Leave you chill ’cause cool is my blood type
Now from the waist release with a hip thrust
Rock the rest and loosen the body rust
I make you glide ride like a low tide
My home gets credit for what I’ve devised
Cos I’m a Mancunian house jammer
Rough and ready, but look good for the camera
Now understand what you see is what you get
I’m nineteen and classed in my own set
Tunes connect perfect up to the sound check
The rap is written, revised and comes correct
The race is on for the title, so come on
Run from dish just collect the corn
I come across with vibrance, especially when silence
Comes to the room a tune acapella boom
I’m the battleship, my rhyme is the warhead
No rap is too bad, it’s just too dead

The only rhyme that bites
This bites

Just lyrics I’ve written
Not rhymes I’ve bitten
Check it out
Here we go
One two one two three and

Release the leather make it clever fill in with terror
Insult me, you’re directed to take a header
Into a cess pit, now eat it
Perfect time like a well-rehearsed card trick
I’ll flush you out shuffle then deck you
Run a ton then deal you
Spread your ass all over the felt
Skin you clean like a buffalo pelt
You melt with the heat catch friction off my static
Baffle all punk confusion is my tactic
Hate no-one but feel sorry for dickheads
Don’t rhyme in time, they just waffle instead
Those who can’t funk, why don’t they funk off
Get off the tip so rap takes its real course
Instead of hip-house make hip-hop the real thing
Murderous bass and a beat that swings
I’m devastating, a god-child in the making
What you hear’s a lethal style of conversation
T for terminator
U for undertaker
N inoculator
E for educator
S for sadistic

Now what you think of it
The only rhyme that bites
The only rhyme that bites