ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

Primary rhyming

The microphoness:
The perfect structure of the female sex
The text is complex but capable to break necks
I’m not a flirt, this ain’t no dirty in a mini-skirt
Stop that pimp, unleash my violence on a pervert
I’m not about to run down my words, verbs and nouns
Elite, bittersweet, with style to astound
The meek, the weak, inspiration to my sister
Lyrically able to tackle tongue twisters
The body to blind, dark-skinned, black and fine
Elegance my substance, the time is mine
To give the public eye
Just what they have been waiting for
Hard to the core so you all can adore me
Sensual, professional accessible so advanced
Punks find me incomparable
My sights are on my destiny
Fast talk, it ain’t impressing me
Bringing out what’s best in me
That’s rap
That’s what I do and that’s what I’m at
No patience for freaks or fools who talk back
The microphoness is out to impress the best
Now let me rest

I’m the youngest of the young
The boldest of the bad, 4'10" whirl wind
And that makes me glad
Cos I’m pint sized, hypnotising
One of the few who’s primary rhyming
Synchronising, lyrically binding
Locking and popping with 808 styling
So check what the wiz has to say hey
When I walk into a party my name crowds call
’Cause they know I’m the wizard, but not of pin ball
I’m the crowd entertainer, mic serenader
Lyrical Darth Vader, there’s none greater
So now you’ve heard the boy blizzard, the wizard
In control, tongue comes quick like a lizard
My rhymes come and go and flow easily
808 state and Tunes just please me

The microphoness:
So now you’ve had a taste, let me replace the bass
With style and change Wogan to a head case
The microphoness, the lyrical mistress
Loud mouths make noise
I say come over and kiss this
You may feel shocked, I’m a female who rocks
When I come to a rhyme, I just give a lot
If males get stinked, I don’t give an inch
I just front as much, I don’t flinch
The first Mancunian lady
Steer my career no time to push babies
MC Tunes and 808 are my guidance
The weapon of rap and the musical tyrants
I won’t stutter just accelerate and escalate
Then pep to snap a dancer’s vertebrae
Select my bass and beats like a juke box
Male it fit perfect like a silk frock
I’m on a run but soon I’ll stop
And say people thanks a lot

After the break, your soul and body feels heavy
Hitting on rhymes with more power than an every
Ready parade my rhymes, keeps the fools on line
Magnifically quick and perfectly on line
My size is small, but I’ve the heart of a big man
Know what I want and just know who I am
And I’ve realized if you just take the time
You can get what you want if you just use your mind
So I’m kicking, licking and flicking off negativity
That’s not how I’m living
Stop the drug sniffing
Stop the violence
Stop the beat
And make the set silent