ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

Dance yourself to death

I request the cut to start me off, now stop
I’ve got my rhythm and more ammo than a gun shop
I leave punks numbered with name tags
Laid out on cemetery body slabs
Crowds I caress like a silk sheet
Buzz the parts that alcohol don’t rich
Mad up the session leave crazy like a stray cat
Rhyme you blind with my vocal chord power pack
Lick and bring you down like an envelope
Pray on punks like a lion on an antelope
Slide check the step you want to dance to it
Slip don’t trip, now how do you feel with it?
I got punch like a Tyson connection
I pump and funk with pump-action reaction
Now I keep it coming till you can’t take no more
Dry you up leave you dead on the dance floor
Suckers, I’m on form I love to have a battle
Rhymes released stampede like a herd of cattle
As I release bust speakers to pieces
Intoxicate tunes spread like diseases
Now to the ladies I’m young, but I’m well hung
To all the fools can’t rhyme they speak fork tongued
You want to bubble to the heat, I intensify
You want to drop but still I make you want to
Dance yourself to death

Sport the fuse, I’m gonna blow you like dynamite
Playground’s the streets and my sound is the dead of night
Re-designed, re-improved my procedure
Now relax and let the drum beat lead you
You understand, capiche, you’d better get it right
My beats are fruit and boy am I still ripe
So confusing turn your mind to spaghetti
Obliterate punks like confetti
Stages crumble at my feet
Mic disintegrates, erase and delete
And bam! Follow it up with a body slam
Leave fools in bits like chopped ham
I make you rock, you stop, I say dance on
You can’t relax, I’m a jam-rocker champion
Musically motivated, wild but not crazy
Born from bass and the microphone raised me
Cold, rolling like a woman having orgasms
Move with pace ’Cause I am the phantasm
Strike like lightning live-wire and frightening
Hold the mic tight like a python, you want to bubble
With the heat, I intensify, you want to drop
But I still make you want to
Dance yourself to death

As the rhythm relates to the pace
The rhyme kicks with precision and pure taste
The power lord sends your body on a funk mission
Keeps you dazed with the heavy drum transmission
And when we play we make the whole town landslide
We shatter glass when tops is amplified
Cease! Step up the cut and break the beat
That makes my whole body rush
Distorts my flow, my rhymes you’ll get hushed
I scatter fools, spread them freely like bird seed
Increase the bass until your ear drums bleed
So don’t provoke ’Cause we’re too damned doped
I’m a junk so take a long deep toke
Into your body, and feel the sensation
Straight to your head is my destination
A bum fool serving dice with coleslaw
The punk’s a drunk and my mouth is a chainsaw
Dance yourself to death

This is my battle cry I scream it out loud
I’m the warlord of the 90’s and I am standing proud
Like death I stalk, I leave you chopped like pork
If the stage collapses you hear me talk
I’m solid gold, my rhymes are cold
Listen to me jam so you can rock and roll
Rhymes, that’s what I’ve got, I’m bubbling hot
Feel the funk as the bass drum slots
Into the rhythm, it kinda purrs like a pussycat
Swing with the sting of a baseball bat
I’m not the type of guy you can take lightly
Don’t call me fool man, you might excite me
Into a state of devastating head cracking
And all this while your foot is still tapping
Now you’ve heard and felt my rage
So get stupid, but don’t misbehave
You want to
Dance yourself to death