ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Zebnung Argle?

ZANG TUMB TUUM. A Zulu battle cry, a small Australasian mammal, or a brand new record label?

Guess what, its a brand new record label.

Its the brainchild of former New Musical Express journalist Paul Morley and record producer Trevor Horn (of ABC, Dollar and Malcolm McLaren fame).

Trevor produces all the groups on ZTT to give the label a distinctive sound as well as bringing out the individual qualities of the group.

Two bands who will shortly be appearing on ZTT are Liverpools Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Dusseldorfs Propaganda. But the first release is the curious Art Of Noises ‘Into Battle single, which is 25 minutes long!

No-ones owned up to being in the Art Of Noise yet but Messrs. Morley and Horn are strongly suspected.

The label is an exciting concept. And the name? Pure pretentious nonsense or wonderful fun, take it how you will. But how the heck do you pronounce it?