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OneTwo is a new electropop band consisting of two 80s icons: Paul Humphreys (ex-OMD) and Claudia Brucken (ex-Propaganda). OneTwo has already released an EP in 2004 when both members had decided to go on together under the moniker OneTwo. Instead is their debut album and this breathes an atmosphere of the 80s, and makes you think of the following names almost instantly: Factory records, OMD, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Eurythmics and The Human League, but as the music of OneTwo is quite slick as well, it also reminds of Everything But The Girl or X-Perience. Claudias vocals sound seductive and sweet. The music is good, atmospheric and very much 80s yet productionwise and soundwise it sounds completely up-to-date, and consists of compact electro pop songs with timeless qualities. ‘Home is a fantastic song, ‘Signals reminds of Air, ‘Have A Cigar is a whole lot heavier, ‘The Weakness in Me and ‘Visions in the Sky are songs with a triphop feel and the opener ‘The Theory of Everything is an epic popsong. The band already performs concerts, and plays songs from OMD and Propaganda as well so they say. Their own material as OneTwo however is equally recommendable. Instead is a quality release which will not turn on every lover of experimental wave, but those who know how to appreciate a good pop release will have no objections to this for sure, as Instead guarantees much listening pleasure. Instead will be released 5 february 2007.

Band: OneTwo(int)
Label: There Music
Genre: electro (ebm / dark electro / minimal electro(clash) / synthpop)
Type: cd
Grade: 8.5
Review by: TekNoir