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Seal — Crazy

Just who is SEAL and why exactly is he going crazy!? Well, Seal is the be-dreadlocked singer who appeared with ADAMSKI singing on the Number One hit ‘Killer, and ‘Crazy is the title of his first solo single… a classy, smooth dance track that gets your feet tapping. Sara Lawrence stepped into the crazy world of Seal while ‘Uncle Tom Sheehan took the crazy pies!


“I had a very strict upbringing. My dads from West Africa and they believe that all the kids should grow up and go to university and be lawyers and doctors. A pop stars out of the question! When I was naughty I used to get a quick clip around the ear-hole, there was no question of why, it was just, ‘bop! But I had quite an enjoyable childhood. Ive got a lot of fond memories! At school, though, I used to stop my reports coming home in the post. I used to throw them in the bin!”


“LA was really enjoyable. It was like a movie. From the time I got out of the airport into the white stretch limo, it was brilliant! I had this driver called Johnno, who was saying things like ‘Can I take your bag sir, and I just though wow! I got in and there was a TV and video in there. I was staying at this house that had a pool and tennis courts and a jacuzzi and I had a real crazy time. It was just like one big movie and everyones playing a part.”


“There are some wild people in LA. I almost got arrested. Someone set off the alarm in this house we were staying at and all these security people came up and I had to lie down on the ground and put my hands behind my head until they sussed out who exactly I was. It was exciting though. Thats what I mean about it being like one big movie out there. It was like ‘come over here and kneel on the ground…now!!! It was really funny…for a while!”


“The craziest place Ive ever been is Warsaw. Its really dead, not much happening there, and all the people walk around with really grey faces. I was there last year. They were all freaked out by me. I looked odder than I do now, I was dressed from head to toe in Thai silk and loads of things in different way to what I thought I my hair. I was about as far away from the typical Polish person as you could imagine!


“It was really strange getting to Number One with ‘Killer. If anybody had said last year, that in a years time Id be at Number One with that single Id have said they were mad! I reacted in a completely different way to what I thought I would when it hit Number One.

I was in a restaurant in Cambridge when I heard and I went and sat in a toilet on my own. It was such an overwhelming experience!”


“I do think about environmental issues, and we are destroying the earth. Most people know and they choose to basically ignore it because they think its not going to affect them or its not going to happen in their lifetime! I worry very much about the next generation and how its going to affect them. Im no saint but I try and do my bit! And being aware is half the problem solved!”


“Im crazy about gadgets. Ive got a computerised washing machine. Its brilliant. You put this programme into it and it spouts legs and goes and collects my dirty laundry from the bedroom, washes it and haS it all ironed and pressed. Ive got a lot of gadgets. The last thing I bought was a speaker system for my bedroom which fits under my bed. Its quite an experience. And a Nintendo game board where the games come out in stereo. I want to go to Japan because thats where all the best gadgets are! The best gadget Ive got is a fax camera where you point it at people and it takes pictures of them and a fax comes out of the side of what Ive taken the picture of!”


“I had to wear a blue Lycra suit that was about four sizes too small for the Adamski video. It was for the blue screen, which is when you get made invisible for the cameras by wearing a certain colour blue. Then everything thats covered with his blue colour doesnt appear on camera. Thats why you can only see my head in the video. But I havent really got any clothes in my wardrobe that Im too embarrassed to wear. I just throw them out! I used to hate my school uniform though, it was like a bottle green with gold trimmings! I found an old picture of me holding my younger sister in my school uniform, with chubby cheeks and a really healthy smile on my face and I thought ‘what happened?”