ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Everything you always wanted to know about Claudia of Propaganda

Full name: Claudia Ute Brücken.

Where were you born? Bercheng, Bavaria, West Germany.

Age: 21

Was school fun? No… well the last three year were, because they treated you like adults.

Jobs before joining Propaganda: I worked when I was at school so I could afford my flat… I did marketing research (grimaces). Disgusting! Ill never do that again in my like. And I worked as a secretary, typing and putting things away.

Where do you live now? In Swiss Cottage in London, but not for long. Its very nice, but its so expensive there.

What clothes did you wear 10 years ago? Jeans, sweaters and old fashioned things, nostalgic clothes.

What pop music did you listen to 10 years ago? I didnt really like pop music. The first record I bought was ‘Heart Of Glass by Blondie. I wasnt a pop fan at all… I did like David Bowie, and I listened very much to The Velvet Underground.

Worst habit: Being ill all the time. Other people say Im a hypochondriac, which Im not!

Do you lose your temper? Very often, very much, oh yes. I can be very uncompromising and intolerant.

What are the sternest words you use to people who annoy you? Whats ‘stearnest?… Nastiest? Well, you wouldnt understand it in German. I dont know many — how do you call this word —  swear words.

Happiest moment: God! When I met my husband Paul (Morley — of ZTT)… when I fell in love with him. The first time I saw him was in Dusseldorf, I was looking at him and he was looking at me and it was love.

Biggest disappointment: When my parents got divorced. I was 12 or 13… It was terrible. I had to make a decision whether to live with my father or my mother.

Tapes for your Walkman: Bowie, Devo, Al Jarreau… Propaganda when weve come out of the studio, to listen to what weve done.

What do you think of your singing voice? Its very difficult to like your own voice, but if I try to think its not me then I like it. I think its very powerful.

How do you cope under pressure? I just leave!

Are you superstitious? No… not at all.

What do the words ‘sixties revival mean to you? I was three years old, you know. Musically Im not into it.

Do you like housework? No. Who does? You do? You like washing up? You can come to visit. I quite like cooking — to relax.

Do you tan easily? No. I havent been on holiday for five years, but were going to Italy next week and I might get a bit of a tan then.

Do you think youll die of old age? No, I think Ill die earlier… maybe from smoking too much.

Vegetarianism: I tried it once for six or seven months, and I think I will try again. Pauls been a vegetarian for eight years — no fish, no meat, no nothing.

Phobias: I hate darkness — oh God yes — its really scary. I hate lightning. And I dont like horror films.

Do you ever act outrageously at parties? Not really. Sometimes I drink too much.

Do you ever lie? I did when I was young. Id ask my mother for money for something and spend it on something else, but shed always find out.

Favourite TV programmes: I like golf, its fantastic if you get into it… and now I know what bogies and birdies and eagles are. I dont like Dynasty any more but I watch it because I want to know whats going on.

Favourite book: ‘The Games Is Over —  I think thats the English title — by Satre.

Favourite board game: Backgammon.

Can you drive? I do drive, but not in England because you drive on the left, and Im scared of it.

If you were Prime Minister… I wouldnt make and laws… I wouldnt be Prime Minister. I wouldnt like to be responsible for a country.

Best friend: Paul.

Who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with? The Prime Minister.

Did you enjoy the ZTT show at the Ambassadors Theatre? I loved it. It was very, very good experience. Wed never played live before so it was difficult at first, but it was brilliant.

When are you going to tour? In January, but we have to write more songs. Weve got a fifty minute set but we want to make it longer.

What do you like about the English? They are much more open than the Germans, they accept more. Like fashion here happens three years later there.

What do you dislike about the English? London cab drivers. God, I really hate them. They are so arrogant . you have to ask them if you can get into their cab. I got really pissed off with that today, thats why I dislike them the most.

The height of your ambition: To do loads of different things, not only music… films, more paintings. I studies art in school. I was going to study it at university but I joined Propaganda instead.

Three words to describe yourself: Egocentric, nervous and shy.