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Absolutely Immune press release


The second single—‘Absolutely Immune.

Released by ZTT on September 7th.

The seven inch catalogue number—imm 1.

The three track twelve inch—with an extended ‘Absolutely Immune, and extra track, a version of Grace Slicks ‘White Rabbit. (timm 1).

‘Absolutely Immune, a song for those with all the time in the world, for those who smile in the face of advertising. Their first single, ‘Snobbery And Decay, was dedicated to all the heroes and heroines of 20th Century show-business, from Noel “Coward to Bette Midler: ‘Immune is for all the anti-heroes and heroines of 20th Century self-centredness, from Henry Miller to Martin Amis.

“We had two choices. To write a song, Euro-beaten up, that shut its eyes to the world and brightly grinned, or to write a song that opened its eyes wide open, and yelled in hope. The first we decided, was best done by machines, left to their own devices. We set machines on their way to make such a record, which we may never release. The song we decided to release seemed to be that much more optimistic and intoxicating than a hollow laugh set to music.”

Act are presently working on their debut album, organising live shows, thinking up a musical, admiring Bette Midler and Bruce McClean, writing a hundred minutes of instrumental music that may never see the light of day, setting machines in motion to come up with whatever, and fighting the cold.

For more human warmth call Philip Hall or Sallie Johnson on 01 434 3080.

Dated September 2nd 1987.

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