ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Personal file: Claudia (Propaganda)

Name: Claudia Brucken

Born: December 12, 1963 in Berchenz, West Germany

Do you understand your sleeve notes? Of course I do. Paul (Morley, ZTT supreme and Claudias husband) tries to play with images and with words — there are so many messages in our lyrics. Its just a game with words, and I dont think thats too difficult to understand.

Do you think your record sounds a bit like Blondie? Not at all. Our music is something very different — you cant compare it with anything else.

Why do you wear such skimpy clothes on your record sleeve? I just think they suit our image. “Duel” is a very poppy song, and theyre poppy clothes.

Do you buy your underwear from Marks & Spencer? No. My mother sends me new underwear from Germany because I dont have time to look at it. I see her about every second month, and tell her what I need. Anyway, she has the same taste in underwear as me so its not a problem.

Whats your bedroom like? Well, weve got as rented flat at the moment, which was already furnished, so none of the furnitures ours. Its in an Old English style, with huge windows and curtains. Ive got used to it because weve been there a year, but were trying to find our own flat. Ive tried to put some personal things in it — loads of flowers, photographs and pictures.

What three courses would you choose for your ideal dinner? Oh no! Well, for a started Id choose a very nice pea and mushroom soup, followed by a potato and cheese gratin. For the third course Id have mousse au chocolate, thats my favourite. And good strong coffee afterwards! Id cook my ideal meal for myself, although usually Paul does the cooking because Im so busy in the recording studio. Hes been a vegetarian for seven or eight years now, and Ive just started being one. Its not because of Paul, although its to do with it — I like not to eat meat.

Are you religious? No. Im a Catholic really, but I left the church with my father when I was 14.

Do you wish you were a film star? I havent thought about it really, Im concentrating on music. Videos are something I do for the music, and theyre very hard work — 18 or 19 hours a day. Itd be brilliant to be in a film though, Id love to do it.

Whats your favourite TV programme? Television is difficult for me. Ive been here for a year now, but I have to really concentrate hard to understand it. Paul helps me out. My favourite programme is Dynasty though.

I like The Avengers too, its so English. Oh, and The Addams Family — its very spooky.

Do you believe in vampires? Well, its an interesting subject and I like the films, but no — I dont.

Whats the biggest difference between England and Germany? You have a Queen and we dont. Apart from that, the people are different — Germans are more conservative than English people.

Do you understand cricket? Paul watches it all the time, and Id like to understand it because it looks very interesting, but I cant. I cant make snese of the rules at all. Perhaps Ill get used to it.

Do you get on with your mother-in-law? I dont see her very often because she lives in Manchester, and at the moment were very busy. But we get on well. Paul and my mother get on brilliantly. They cant talk together at all — my mother cant speak English, and Paul cant speak German, but they really like each other. Maybe its a good point that they cant talk to each other!

Will you be going to see Bruce Springsteen? No. I wouldnt go even if I was given free tickets. He doesnt deserve his status — it has a lot to do with hype. And Im not interested in hearing someone sing about being “Born In The USA”.

Who would you rather go out with — Bruno Brookes or Gary Davies? Who are they?