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Heres a tester for you. When is a new album not a new album? When its called ‘Hollelujah. It should strictly be called ‘Blast — The Remixes. Apart from the title track, which cant really be called new considering its based on one of Handels old hits, this is simply five tracks from last years brilliant ‘Blast LP remixed.

Frankie Knuckles has been let loose on ‘Love Train while ‘Atomic City and ‘Heavens Here were entrusted to Julian Mendelsohn. The latter is the only version that benefits from its overhaul, but maybe thats because its just longer. Martin Phillips and Madame X toy with ‘Perfume while Phil Harding and Ian Curnow end up with ‘Americanos.

With these illustrious names and such great material to work with the result is disappointing. Most of the songs having the life mixed out and the rhythm left bare. Holly is a precious and charismatic talent and ‘Blast was one of the best albums of ‘89, but this was obviously conceived by a record company who credit the public with less sense and shorter memories than themselves. So Hollys still alive and working on his second LP, just tell us. Well understand.

The songs are still good its just the idea that sucks


Kevin Murphy