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HOLLY JOHNSON: Blast—The Video (MCA, £12.99)

HOLLY JOHNSON has always wanted to be a cartoon star, and on this collection of clips from last years ‘Blast album his wish is granted. All but one of the five vids boast day-glo toy shop scenery across which Holly does his funny frog-dancing in a vaguely menacing fashion, yodelling his little heart out and grinning cheekily.

‘Love Train finds us in Noddy territory, a slab of beefy disco-pop with Holly playing The Riddler and delivering some of the most blatant sexual innuendo to top the charts since Frankie Goes To Hollywood. With a straight face too.

‘Heavens Here aims to be the sophisticated slowie, scraping through on a combination of sepia-tinted monochrome shots of snogging couples and a spine-tingling chorus. But best of all is ‘Americanos, Holly perfectly at home as a camp game show host in John Waters-style ‘50s America, redistributing wealth against a soundtrack of galloping Latin beats and glossily ironic lyrics.

Stompingly attractive plastic pop which just slightly outstays its welcome. Stoke it up.

Stephen Dalton