ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Frankies Ped was being ribbed the other day by the lads about his baggy Yamamoto suit. Said Nash: “Whys that suit ten sizes too big for yer, Ped?” To which the ever witty Ped replied: “I wanted to spend a lot of money so I bought the biggest one Yamawotsit ‘ad in the shop.”

Yon Lads are currently ensconced upon the isle of Ibiza, sunning themselves, erm, making demos for the next Frankie single. Paul and Holly will join them for the Montreux TV festival next week which is to be shown here in summer.

Someone saw Holly coming in a Parisian shop recently. He bought himself one of those metal cards which you put in a cigarette packet. “It reduces ze neecoteen content,” laughed the shop assistant as H plied him with freshly minted francs to the value of £20. Hah!…