Title: Strike a balance
Author: Interview by Stevie Brown
Source: The Guardian
Publish date: Saturday October 30, 2004

Original publication

If I have a day off, I try to have a massage - if I’ve been working out, I’ll get a sports massage, but I tried stone therapy a while ago, and it was gorgeous. Otherwise, on my days off I try to do normal things like watch TV and walk the dog.

I take a multivitamin every day, and calcium, zinc, magnesium and evening primrose oil to stop me exploding every month. I try not to eat too many refined sugars and carbs, but it’s hard when you are travelling. I eat a lot of salad, fish, chicken and the odd chocolate bar. I tried the Atkins diet - I followed it to the letter, but didn’t lose any weight.

I’ve smoked since I was 16. On a good day, I smoke 15-20, on a bad day about 30. I have tried to give up - twice last year.

Although it’s boring, you’ve got to be sensible, so if you have a blow-out, you have to compensate for it - not three days later, but the very next day.

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