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Last update: 12th November 2010
Article title
Meeeeeeeiiiiiiaaaaarrrgh… yeeeeeaaaaw… huh… relax… ow!Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Tuum raiderZang Tuum Tumb
Building the perfect beastTrevor Horn
The ZTT master plan for world dominationZang Tuum Tumb
In the pleasuredomeZang Tuum Tumb
The Art Of Noise are currently in the studio finishing off...Zang Tuum Tumb
Zang Tumb Tuum have already announced the release...Zang Tuum Tumb
Sarm West: action around the clockZang Tuum Tumb
ZTT top 10Zang Tuum Tumb
More than musicTrevor Horn
Best British producerTrevor Horn
The Nerve CentrePropaganda
Pickwicks, LiverpoolPink Industry
Forty FivePink Industry
Pink Industry: Forty-Five 12” EPPink Industry

Last update: 8th March 2010
Image gallery updates
Early full page ZTT advert Image popup
Full page ‘The shape of the universe’ advert Image popup
Quarter page advert for ‘Only one word’ Image popup
Full page advert for ‘P:Machinery’ Image popup
Full page advert for ‘Dr Mabuse’ Image popup
Full page advert for ‘Americanos’ Image popup
Full page advert for ‘Relax’ Image popup
Advert for ‘The essential art of communication’ Image popup
Advert for ‘The age of plastic’ Image popup
Advert for ‘Who’s afraid of the Art of Noise’ Image popup
Magazine advert for ‘Snobbery and decay’ Image popup
Magazine advert for ‘Laughter, tears and rage’ Image popup
Magazine advert for ‘I can’t escape from you’ Image popup
Magazine advert for ‘I can’t escape from you’ Image popup
Promo photo Image popup

Last update: 29th September 2013
Discography entry title
FormatCatalogue ref.
Shiny floor shiny ceilingCompact discFRCD71112
Infernal furnitureCompact discFRCD251212
If I could copy youDownloadFRSCD170912
Welcome to the pleasure domeCompact discCID101
InfluenceCompact disc x2SALVODCD212
A secret wish (Deluxe edition)Compact disc x2SALVOMDCD14
Dreaming of loving youCompact disc singleZTT136CDP2
Frankie say greatest (Greatest videos)DVD NTSC Region 00602527234281
Frankie say greatestCompact disc2723027
Frankie say greatest (2CD special edition)Compact disc x22724180
Soul liveCompact disc/DVD NTSC Region 09362497924
The right lifeCompact disc singleN/A
So far awayCompact discN/A
The people want to danceCompact disc singleMCSTD1563
Heart of darknessCassetteZTT4C

Last update: 12th January 2010
Lyric updates
Boyfriend ‘65
Welcome to the pleasure dome
The world is my oyster
El San Juanera
Worlds famous
Song for chango
Duck for the oyster
World’s famous
Living on the road to Soweto
Jive my baby
Punk it up

Last update: 22nd August 2008
Video updates
The right life - Promo video
Welcome to the pleasure dome - Promo video - Alternate version
The essential art of communication - Promo video
Amazing - Promo video
Get real - Fan video
Oh world - Promo video
Sun goes down - Promo video
Do they know it’s Christmas? - Making of…
Do they know it’s Christmas? - Promo video
Eyemotion - Fan mix
Kiss like ether - Promo video
Breakfast - Live performance at the Billy MacKenzie tribute concert 28-03-2007
Place in my heart - BBC Sound performance
Place in my heart - This Morning performance
Sun goes down - The Royal Variety Performance 2007