Whatís included?

The aim is to include all releases from the ZTT label including non official, promo and withdrawn items.

If an artist has moved from ZTT to another label, these recordings may be included for completeness sake. For example Sealís releases on Warner Bros. and Art of Noiseís China releases. If a ZTT act has split into solo/other acts on other labels these may also be included.

If an artist moves to ZTT for a short period then generally only these items are included. For example Kirsty MacCollís album and its related singles.

Other related items may be included that have a strong ZTT link. This covers recordings made by significant members of the ZTT team. For example Malcolm McLarenís ĎDuck Rockí album, and prominent Trevor Horn productions.

Release dates are entered to the nearest known date.

If you have information on correct release dates then feel free to get in contact.

Title Artist Released
Existential boredom Adamskiís Thing 97
One of the people Adamskiís Thing 98
Intravenous venus Adamskiís Thing 22 Jun 98
One of the people Adamskiís Thing 22 Jun 98
Adamskiís thing Adamskiís Thing 26 Oct 98