Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Peter ‘Ped’ Gill
Holly Johnson
Paul Morley
Brian ‘Nasher’ Nash
Mark O’Toole
Paul Rutherford

Transcription notes

If official printed lyrics have not been sourced for a track then a best guess has been transcribed.

The lyrics are transcribed as heard in the most common version of each track, unless otherwise noted.

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Ped Gill: After you Nash
Brian Nash: My name's Nash and I'm a red Muso.
Ped Gill: ergh my name's Ped. I hate some people and I like some people
Mark O'Toole: My name's Mark and I wear kecks that make me looks as though I've gotta big packet
Brian Nash: Next question
Paul Morley: So now you're number one and you're embarrassed by ergh by being a stars
Ped Gill: Who's a star?
Paul Morley: Did you used to dream of being a star?
Mark O'Toole: Yeah all the time. I used to stand in front of the mirror in me room with a cricket bat pretending I was...
Ped Gill: You dream of being it but but when it happens like you don't really think you are, I don't think we're stars.
Paul Morley: What do you think you are Ped?
Ped Gill: I'm just an animal that bashes drums
Paul Morley: If you three were about 14 would you in Liverpool have formed a gang?
Ped Gill: I was in a gang.
Mark O'Toole: So was I
Brian Nash: Everyone's in a gang
Paul Morley: Are they?
Brian Nash: Yeah, you're an apprentice hard
Paul Morley: Are you a fully fledged hard now Nash?
Brian Nash: Oh aye yeah well 'ard!
Ped Gill: I mean, yeah I think quite a lot of people in Liverpool, young people, have got little gangs like.
Brian Nash: You need to be part of something, don't ya. You've gotta be in a gang. If you're not in a gang you're a no-mark. You gotta 'ang around...
Mark O'Toole: If you slash 250 people you get a silver Stanley knife. We can be suave if we want to ya know.
Paul Morley: But like, does it like do you like indulge yourself in your number one, does it give you a position of power?
Ped Gill: I don't know.
Brian Nash: You can use the laundry in the hotel
Ped Gill: When you're number one, we're, just like, living like, like we always do...
Brian Nash: When you're 77 you can't.
Paul Morley: Do you consider yourselves to be musicians?
Ped Gill: Naaaahhh
Brian Nash: Musos...
Paul Morley: Are you the energy of Frankie Goes To Hollywood?
Ped Gill: Yeah we are you know what I mean, but I mean... musicians? Naah!
Brian Nash: We're the hammer that knocks the nail in
Mark O'Toole: I mean, I mean, I mean.
Paul Morley: What's the nail then Nash?
Ped Gill: Well
Mark O'Toole: Whatever you wanna be.
Mark O'Toole: The nail are the two front men.
Brian Nash: But without the hammer the nail's useless, innit.
Paul Morley: What was your first thought when you found out you got to number one?
Mark O'Toole: Let's go out and have a good lig.
Ped Gill: Let's have a laugh I think it was. I mean we were having a laugh up to we were number one.
Paul Morley: Is Frankie Goes To Hollywood different from Wham! and Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet...
Ped Gill: Well
Paul Morley: ...because you're a little bit more honest about things.
Brian Nash: The only way we're connected to Wham! and Duran Duran is that we've all got willies
Mark O'Toole: I don't think that's true either
Ped Gill: I think we're honest about things what what what makes us different I'm not really sure maybe our music? I don't know. It's like I mean it's music ain't it...
Paul Morley: Aren't you all the same just looking for a quick laugh and a good drink?
Ped Gill: yeah well like everyone is, you are.
Brian Nash: I think its its you're out to have fun and it's not manufacturer it's like it's not manufacturer like this big glam teeny bopper thing
Ped Gill: I mean you're not number one at first it's the spondulee ain't it. The cash. Everyones in it for cash really I mean we wouldn't be getting recorded and we wouldn't be on no label unless other people wanted cash, you know what I mean?
Paul Morley: Oh I Do.
Ped Gill: There, There you go, Everyone’s in it for cash.
Brian Nash: You can't necessarily do it for the love of the music
Ped Gill: isn't our number one but it's good to have, you know what I mean
Paul Morley: You gonna help your mum and dad when you get cash?
Ped Gill: Yeah
Brian Nash: Yeah
Ped Gill: I know it sounds rather like, teddy bear-ish but eeh, my old fella's alright like.
M: One of the lads Ray, and Gerry, and Eddie
Ped Gill: He helped me through my younger days
Brian Nash: When you was a sproglett
Paul Morley: What about if you was just suddenly plonked like £30,000 in your hand ?
Ped Gill: Well then I'd go out and I'd get drunk and I'd dunno I dunno I'd buy a Ferrarri and wrap it 'round a lamp post you know what I mean


Paul Morley: Your, your record company indicated that one of the reasons they wanted to sign you was simply because they liked the fact that you seemed to want to have sex with as many people as possible in as many different ways...
Ped Gill: or as many girls as possible
Brian Nash: or as many objects as possible
Paul Morley: Is that your gift?
Ped Gill: What, getting into girls
Paul Morley: Lust
Ped Gill: Lust? It's sorta comes like, birds, ale,
Mark O’Toole: Money
Ped Gill: Money
Brian Nash: Cars
Ped Gill: and maybe drugs i'm not sure about that one yet.
Paul Morley: Is that what pop music is for you then?
Ped Gill: Yeah, sex drugs and rock 'n' roll, you know what I mean. The full trip
Paul Morley: yeah. Do you think Ped that maybe in a year or two you might well die?
Ped Gill: Possibly
Brian Nash: I hope so
Mark O’Toole: So do I actually. It'll be quite a memorable occasion
Ped Gill: If I die I hope I die on the job

Paul Morley: Ped.
Ped Gill: What
Paul Morley: How would you like to die?
Ped Gill: Well
Mark O’Toole: Class, in a classy way
Ped Gill: I, I, I thought I told you. If I'm gonna die I'm gonna die, there's #### all I can do about it so maybe I shouldn't think about it
Paul Morley: How would you like your pals, if you have any, to celebrate your funeral?
Ped Gill: Well I'd like them to get really pissed and say ah, Ped, not a bad lad, shit stinks like, but he's gone now so let's get pissed, you know what I mean.
Mark O’Toole: #### and rob his new stereo he bought
Ped Gill: You know what I mean
Mark O’Toole: You know what I mean. Can I have your stereo if you die?
Ped Gill: Yeah. You know I wouldn't wanna peope to like grieve over me cos I was #### no one when I was here.
Paul Morley: Does any body love you?
Brian Nash: I would love to die on stage.
Ped Gill: A couple of people I think.
Brian Nash: Dead muso. Madison Square Garden. I'd just go ha ha I'm just gonna die and you've just paid a tenner to see me ### off you
Ped Gill: I mean does anyone love you?
Paul Morley: Oh one or two
Mark O’Toole: I don't believe that
Ped Gill: Same here
Paul Morley: What about you Mark. Have you thought about dying, how you'ld like to die?
Mark O’Toole: erm erm erm. I'd like to die on the job. That's about it.
Paul Morley: Is this the standard Frankie Goes To Hollywood wish, dying on the job?
Brian Nash: yeah. Come and go at the same time.
Mark O’Toole: (laughs)

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