Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Holly Johnson
Peter ‘Ped’ Gill
Paul Morley
Mark O’Toole
Paul Rutherford

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Holly Johnson: mmmmm
Paul Morley: What was the danger about Paul, Holly?
Holly Johnson: The danger about Paul?
Paul Morley: I mean what made you realise that here was someone you could work with?
Holly Johnson: I didn't until (pause) sometime this year in fact
Paul Morley: Really?
Holly Johnson: It didn't seem possible (pause) up to that point (pause) because we both shot off in different directions. I was heavily into the Big In Japan thing and he was like (pause) visiting London, giving it loads in that direction. So we had a big break (pause) from each other, and then he did this Hambi tour giving it much dance ooops
Paul Rutherford: (laughs)
Holly Johnson: ergh, and he gave it loads right.
Paul Morley: yeah
Holly Johnson: and we were just starting, we got a few support dates with Hambi, through knowing Hambi
Paul Morley: That's Frankie
Holly Johnson: That's Frankie Goes To Hollywood, in fact. Which was (pause) you know (laughs) woooah (laughs)
Paul Rutherford: (laughs)
Holly Johnson: Oh yeah. Which was Mark, Ped and Ged and Sonia
Paul Rutherford: Sonia
Holly Johnson: Sonia Mazonda
Paul Morley: Why did you choose the name?
Holly Johnson: Ohh, not, it's not a too much of an exciting story, ahm (laugh). There was this old this, this old, this band I was in, I was just jamming with, in the reheasal room
Paul Morley: Jamming?
Holly Johnson: Yeah you know kind of learning, learning period. Erm we needed a name quick cos we had to get a gig you know and all that stuff and there was a (pause) a picture, a piece of the New Yorker magazine stuck to the wall in the reheasal room that said Frankie goes to Hollywood, and a picture of Frank Sinatra, getting ahh, mobbed (laughs) by, what were they called, what were they called (pause) oh you know Teenie Boppers or something like that (laughs)
Paul Rutherford: That's it (laughs)
Holly Johnson: Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Holly Johnson: We used to give it loads of 'Hey it's a movie' (laughs) and this is your audition, well that was it at the time.
Paul Morley: At this time it was complete nonsense really, weren't it?
Holly Johnson: Sorry?
Paul Morley: Complete nonsense really?
Holly Johnson: Yeah it was but it was entertaining nonsense, we thought. And that's whatcha got it good.
Paul Morley: Entertaining nonsense.
Holly Johnson: Well yeah. (pause) Dada! (laughs) No need to Dada. Zang Tuum Tumb an' all that. Oh when are we gonna have these parties then? (laughs) We've been promised parties.
Paul Rutherford: Where's these parties you've promised us?
Holly Johnson: You've promised us parties.
Paul Morley: I promised you four parties.
Paul Rutherford: Four? Ahh love.
Holly Johnson: I'm ahh
(cut off).

Paul Morley: Why do you sing?
Holly Johnson: Sing?
Paul Morley: Yeah.
Holly Johnson: Why do? I could give it loads of 'it's something that comes from within' but, you know, it's just not that?
Paul Morley: So why do you sing?
Holly Johnson: It's just something I've always wanted to do.
Paul Morley: Yeah?
Holly Johnson: One of the things I've always wanted to do.
Paul Morley: Since when?
Holly Johnson: Since I was about four, I used to sing to the pigeons (laughs)
Paul Morley: Who do you sing to now?
Holly Johnson: Eh?
Paul Morley: Who do you sing to now?
Holly Johnson: ergh? I think it's dead important to sing to yourself really. You know what I mean?
Paul Morley: Yeah?
Holly Johnson: You gotta enjoy it firstly (pause) and it's a buzz if other people enjoy it.
Paul Morley: It's a what?
Holly Johnson: A buzz
Paul Morley: Yeah?
Holly Johnson: Do you ever think about who's gonna enjoy it?(pause)
Holly Johnson: I think about the people.
Paul Rutherford: Yes they crossed my mind once (laughs)
Paul Morley: I mean do you care about (muffled)
Holly Johnson: Do we really, do we really care?
Paul Morley: I mean do you (pause) like think about like competition?
Holly Johnson: Occasionally, occasionally, occasionally.
Paul Morley: like Culture Club or ABC or anything like that?
Paul Rutherford: No, no not like, erm, no not them
Holly Johnson: I don't them as competition 'cos it a completely different thing what we're doing
Paul Morley: What are you doing them?
Holly Johnson: oooh, well you'll just have to flip it over and see.


Holly Johnson: Oh, I don't wanna get into anything dodgy like that. (laughs)

Paul Morley: What were you doing in Big In Japan?
Holly Johnson: I was playing bass
Paul Morley: You weren't singing?
Holly Johnson: I was doing, I was singing in, in my own way.
Paul Morley: What what kinda way was that?

Holly Johnson: er, stifled (laughs) Stifled in a very stifled way.
Paul Morley: So what's the difference between being stifled and being what you're are now?
Holly Johnson: Set free
Paul Morley: Set free?
Holly (laughs) mmm. Free your mind
Holly and Paul Rutherford: ...and your arse will follow
Holly Johnson: the kingdom of heaven is within

Paul Morley: When did'ya meet Paul?
Holly Johnson: Paul. We met in a nightclub. We were about 15
Paul Rutherford: We were nightclubbing
Paul Morley: A lot of grease involved there or a there was just a casual kinda meeting? I mean a lot of liquid kinda...
Paul Rutherford: Pardon.
Holly Johnson: Ah . We had a mutual friend.
Paul Rutherford: Mutual
Paul Morley: Lubrication
Holly Johnson: We had a mutual friend. Jayne Casey in fact.
Paul Morley: Jayne?
Holly Johnson: mmm
Paul Rutherford: Well we met a lot earlier then that, but, we didn't, we weren't knocking around together then.
Holly Johnson: True. I think we knew of each others existense.
Paul Rutherford: Existense.
Holly Johnson: It was dead strange in fact
Paul Morley: How did you know of each others existence?
Paul Rutherford: Sensitive vibes
Holly Johnson: Aha
Paul Morley: oh yeah
Holly Johnson: When you're, when you're in a town like Liverpool (laughs) you know what I mean and you go into town
Paul Morley: I don't know what you mean Holly? Tell me what you mean.
Paul Rutherford: It means you put one foot in and one foot out...
Holly Johnson: yeah
Paul Rutherford: ...and you see everybody on your way
Holly Johnson: ...and shake it all about
Holly Johnson: I tell ya, I tell ya

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