ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”


IQ6 Zang Tumb Tuum sampled

Type: Compilation

Format: Compact cassette

Label: Zang Tuum Tumb

Catalogue ref.: IQC6

Series: Synthetic Action series no. 18; IQ series no. 6

Release date: 7 October 1985

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Chart position: UK: (Starting 19/10/1985) 40; 56; 62

Sleeve design: XL Design; ZTT

Photography: Anton Corbijn; AJ Barratt; Sterling

Printed tracklisting

  1. Closing
  2. Disneyland
  3. Femme fatale (The woman with the orchid)
  4. Intermission (The gods are bored)
  5. Swamp out
  6. Egypt
  7. The object is a hungry wolf (Extract 1)
  8. p:Machinery (Beta)
  9. Looking for love (Demo)
  10. A time for fear (who’s afraid)
  11. Born to run (Live)
  12. The object is a hungry wolf (Extract 2)

Actual tracklisting

Side 1

  1. Art of Noise: Closing 01:12
  2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Disneyland 03:06
  3. Propaganda: Femme fatale (The woman with the orchid) 03:20
  4. Anne Pigalle: Intermission (The gods are bored) 03:14
  5. Instinct: Swamp out 03:28
  6. Art of Noise: Egypt 00:49
  7. Andrew Poppy: The object is a hungry wolf (Extract 1) 04:24

Side 2

  1. Propaganda: p:Machinery (Beta edited) 09:34
  2. Anne Pigalle: Looking for love (Demo) 04:01
  3. Art of Noise: “Suicide is painless...” 00:51
  4. Art of Noise: A time for fear (who’s afraid) 04:40

Notes: Quick fade on intro/outro

  1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: “M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E...” 00:14
  2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Born to run (Live) 04:50
  3. Andrew Poppy: The object is a hungry wolf (Extract 2) 01:47

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.

Sleeve Notes

Inlay: Outer



EXAMPLES: contents of the compilation

Side One

1* Closing by art of noise:

compacted by art of noise. Originally Close (to the edit) and before that a collision.

2* Disneyland by frankie goes to hollywood:

produced by Trevor Horn. a cartoon scally-tune drawn out of Frankie’s tape cupboard. Unavailable on any other record. A bait, comrades…

3* Femme Fatale by propaganda:

produced by propaganda. Subtitled ‘The Woman With the Orchid’ and slyly twisted into the Mabuse stream of things. Previously available on 12 ZTAS 2

4* Intermission by anne pigalle:

produced by luis jardim. The Gods Are Bored: is it the end of the world? Available on ZTTIQ7: the pigalle lp ‘everything could be so perfect’

5* Swamp Out by instinct:

produced by instinct and luis jardim, in the heat of the beat stay sweet, no sweat.

6* Egypt by art of noise:

some more: spanner in the works: fairly live in front of an audience at The Ambassadors Theatre. the only part of this record dedicated to Tommy Cooper.

7* The Object Is A Hungry Wolf extract one produced and performed by andrew poppy:

All’s well, in: and out. Available in it’s fullest form on ZTT IQ 5: the poppy lp ‘The Beating Of Wings.’

Side Two

1* p;Machinery (Beta) by propaganda:

originally produced by S.J. Lipson for ‘A Secret Wish’ (ZTT IQ 3) represented this way using the engineering of Robert Kraushaar and the guitar of John McGeoch (courtesy EMI America) Available on 12 XZTAS 12

2* Looking For Love by anne pigalle:

a demonstration of a song that appears on ‘everthing could be so perfect.’ Funny kind of love: is it the beginning of the world?

3* A Time For Fear (Who’s Afraid) by art of noise:

produced by Art Of Noise. introduced in a fairly live way by art! Part of an eight year work. begun two years ago. ‘The Raiding Of The 20th Century.’ Track available on Art Of Noise’s LP ‘Who’s Afraid (of the Art Of Noise)’ (ZTT IQ 2).

4* Born To Run by frankie goes to hollywood:

performed for Tyne Tees Television’s ‘The Tube’—spite meeting might and bang!ing down an exclamation mark at very vague end of some American rock and roll. Studio presentation of the song available on the Frankie Goes To Hollywood LP ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome’ (ZTT IQ1).

5* The Object Is A Hungry Wolf extract two produced and performed by andrew poppy:

All’s well. in the beginning: and breathe out.

EXTRACTS from text available on the sleeve of the record: necessary abbreviation.

1/ It becomes number 18 in ZTT’s synthetic action series. Then it will say ‘it is the traditional task of the prophet to denounce systems of rule and life which deny freedom of the flesh or the imagination. ‘It could equally say that ‘to try to belong to one’s own time is already to be out of date.’ Slap

2/ 8. The tyranny of fashionable reason—Who even thinks to ask any more—what’s the time? (Or worse—where’s the joke?).

3/ A SLEEVE organised by ZTT and XL. A STUDIO Trevor Horn, S.J. Lipson, Robert Kraushaar, Andy Richards, Art and ACT, Luis Jardim, Dave Meegan, Stuart Bruce, Nick Ryan. AN OFFICE Jill Sinclair, Karen Goodman, Paul McDonald. A CAMERA Anton Corbijn, a.j. Barratt. Pigalle by Sterling.

4/ The Action Series (etc.)

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This cassette contains about 44 minutes of song chance and order: and it’s all yours. There are performances from Art Of Noise (Closing & A Time For Fear) Instinct (Swamp Out) Anne Pigalle (Intermission & Looking For Love) Andrew Poppy (The Object Is A Hungry Wolf extracts one and two) Propaganda (p-Machinery beta & Femme Fatale) Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Disneyland & Born To Run)… excerpts from a couple of years of zang tuum tumb 18 in it’s synthetic action series.

Inlay: Inner



3 FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: peter gill, holly johnson, brian nash, mark o’toole, paul rutherford

4 ART OF NOISE: an the world’s a page

5 PROPAGANDA: claudia brücken, ralf dorper, susanne freytag, michael mertens

6 INSTINCT: angela jaeger, james johnstone, simon underwood

unauthorised public performance broadcasting and copying of this cassette prohibited. all rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. seriously.

Swamp Out, (Jaeger Johnstone Underwood) Closing & A Time For Fear (Dudley Horn Jecazalik Langan Morley), Intermission (Pigalle Plytas) Looking For Love (Pigalle) The Object Is A Hungry Wolf (Poppy) p-Machinery (Mertens Dorper Brucken Freytag) Disneyland (Gill Johnson Nash O’Toole) all published by Perfect Songs Ltd. Femme Fatale (Reed) published by RCA Music Ltd. Born To Run (Springsteen) published by Zomba Music Ltd. ℗&© ZTT 1984 and 1985.


Andrew Poppy

Anne Dudley

Anne Pigalle

Brian ‘Nasher’ Nash

Claudia Brücken

Gary Langan

Holly Johnson

JJ Jeczalik

Mark O’Toole

Michael Mertens

Paul Morley

Peter ‘Ped’ Gill

Ralf Dörper

Susanne Freytag

Trevor Horn