ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”


IQ6 Zang Tumb Tuum sampled

Sleeveart image.

Type: Compilation

Format: 12" vinyl

Label: Zang Tuum Tumb

Catalogue ref.: IQ6

Series: Synthetic Action series no. 18; IQ series no. 6

Release date: 7 October 1985

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Chart position: UK: (Starting 13/10/1985) 40; 56; 62

Sleeve design: XL Design; ZTT

Photographer: Anton Corbijn; AJ Barratt; Sterling


Sleeveart image.

Vinyl sleeve: Front

Sleeveart image.

Vinyl sleeve: Back

Sleeveart image.

Vinyl label: Side A

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Vinyl label: Side B

Printed tracklisting

  1. Closing
  2. Disneyland
  3. Femme fatale (The woman with the orchid)
  4. Intermission (The gods are bored)
  5. Swamp out
  6. Egypt
  7. The object is a hungry wolf (Extract 1)
  8. p:Machinery (Beta)
  9. Looking for love (Demo)
  10. A time for fear (who’s afraid)
  11. Born to run (Live)
  12. The object is a hungry wolf (Extract 2)

Actual tracklisting

Side 1

  1. Art of Noise: Closing 01:12
  2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Disneyland 03:06
  3. Propaganda: Femme fatale (The woman with the orchid) 03:20
  4. Anne Pigalle: Intermission (The gods are bored) 03:14
  5. Instinct: Swamp out 03:28
  6. Art of Noise: Egypt 00:49
  7. Andrew Poppy: The object is a hungry wolf (Extract 1) 04:24

Side 2

  1. Propaganda: p:Machinery (Beta edited) 09:34
  2. Anne Pigalle: Looking for love (Demo) 04:01
  3. Art of Noise: “Suicide is painless…” 00:51
  4. Art of Noise: A time for fear (who’s afraid) 04:40

Notes: Quick fade on intro/outro

  1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: “M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E…” 00:14
  2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Born to run (Live) 04:50
  3. Andrew Poppy: The object is a hungry wolf (Extract 2) 01:47

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.

Sleeve Notes

Outer sleeve: Front



Outer sleeve: Back


EXPLANATION: IQ 6: Zang Tuum Tumb Sampled — judge for yourself, indeed.

…excerpts from a couple of years of Zang Tuum Tumb. The sleeve is to include notes and suggestions and counternotes that, as usual, can be enjoyed by everyone — hurrah! The sleeve will feature the odd quote from the odd fearless 20th Century figure — cheers! — a quote that might push record collectors out into the night, or past where they stay put, and over the light. A quote from Ionesco! Ha! “Nothing is atrocious, everything is atrocious. Nothing is comic. Everything is tragic. Nothing is tragic, everything is comic, everything is real, unreal, possible, impossible, conceivable, inconceivable. Everything is heavy, everything is light.” Slip…

It’s a way to reach others: a way to say the world does not seem a prototype anymore, it is stereotyped and standardised. There it will be: there it is. A side.

The cover is Kenneth Martin’s “Chance and Order No. 20" which was produced in 1977 and is reproduced courtesy of The Waddington Gallery, Cork St., London W.1.

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: peter gill, holly johnson, brian nash, mark o’toole, paul rutherford

There is an essay. “Rock music as we know it has finished.” So what happens now? Ian Penman, an untimely man, explores addiction, boredom, censorship, zang tuum tumb, and back again.

It becomes number 18 in Z.T.T’s synthetic action series. Then it will say ‘it is the traditional task of the prophet to denounce systems of rule and life which deny freedom of the flesh or the imagination.’ It could equally say that ‘to try to belong to one’s own time is already to be out of date.’ Slap…

There it is. It will be. A sleeve. Away.

ESSAY: sleeve notes to a compilation record.

1. The post-AGE — Who even thinks to ask anymore — what becomes of the work of art in the world of mass production? No: WHAT CAN ART WORK TO GIVE the world of mass production? What resuscitation? What tricks? What cunning? These are the questions…

ART OF NOISE: all the world’s a page


2. Corresponding to whom? — ‘Boredom’ amongst the young is a relatively new concept, of course, and nothing whatsoever to do with Punk, which in a sense was a last flare of old fashioned protest. ‘No future’, or rather, a degree zero future of telecommunicative saturation in which hell is having your every wish come true, purgatory is an eternal youth tv magazine, and heaven a place where complaint, spite and disaffection might once more reign. ‘Boredom’ is the distance between over-stimulation and frustration. (Madonna’s Groove-y video being a sort of paradigm: the quick cutting technology of overstimulation used to convey a state of louche vapidity.) In those cases where boredom is unendurable, instantaneousness may be chosen as the only way of life, the only way of ordering life, of giving it order, ethics, purpose. ‘H’ stands for the two current choices — Heroin and Hooliganism. Vicarious pleasures of violence and torper — previously confined to the Aristocracy -have been reclaimed. These are discreetly ordered systems in the midst of general breakdown. They are not signs of breakdown or. ‘brutalise but, in a roundabout way, reactions against it. One reason for this might be that what used to be called rock music doesn’t really exist anymore and what remains of it — what! — does not fulfil it’s old functions. Which is not to mourn the passing of an ‘anti social’ character so much as an ‘asocial’ one; that which in a voice, or a gesture, or an arrangement, cannot be proscribed, cannot be profiled, cannot be re-produced: abrupt, electric, wounding, seductive, both terrible and flirtatious. No form of ‘authenticity’ or Christian pity, or mock-Gothic or etc., can provide this. In short, no return to values can provide it. Not in a post-Age.

3. Subversion must produce its own chiaroscuro. — Imagine an aesthetic (if the word has not become too depreciated) based entirely (completely, radically. in every sense of the word) on the pleasure of the consumer, whoever he may be, to whatever class, whatever group she may belong, without respect to cultures or languages: the consequences would be huge. perhaps even harrowing…

INSTINCT: angela jaeger, james johnstone, simon underwood


4. How mimic disguises its lack pf demons. — An ‘altruistic’ morality, a morality under which egoism languishes — is under all circumstances a bad sign. This applies to individuals, it applies especially to peoples. The best are lacking when egoism begins to be lacking. To be attracted by ‘disinterested’ motives almost constitutes the formula for decadence. ‘Not to seek one’s own advantage’ — that is merely a moral figleaf for a quite different, namely physiological fact: ‘I no longer know how to find my advantage’…

5. How morality disguises its monkey: — It is very dangerous to use the word “addiction” loosely, as addiction to images, myths, etc., though this can occur. Addiction means something that causes acute physical and mental discomfort if it is withdrawn. Perhaps the closest parallel is what I might call an addiction to rightness, to being in the right.

6. Pieces of advice up on being squashed by public transport. — i) The same foolishness, the same sterility, obtains in the “not serious” as in the “serious”, ii) For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity or perception to exist, a certain psychological precondition is indispensable: intoxication. iii) Never tell what you are doing, and, pretending to tell, do something else that immediately crypts, adds, entrenches itself.

7. What is meant by hypertrophy. — If one tried to sum up what modern society has thought of itself over the last decade, one could say at least this: that the social forces which seemed to be polarized so clearly a few years before have undergone a development so complex that one can no longer easily recognize and label individuals according to their relationship to Power.

8. The tyranny of fashionable Reason. — Who even thinks to ask any more, what’s the time? (Or, worse, where’s the joke?).

9. We post-Masters. — …never again to use a word like ‘commodity’, to ask of Art its ‘expression’, to seriously expect

PROPAGANDA: claudia brücken, ralf dorper, susanne freytag, michael martens

ESTABLISHED: The Action Series

1' relax. 2' dr. mabuse. 3' two tribes. 4' welcome to the pleasure dome LP: IQ number 1. 5' the power of love. 6' ‘and suddenly there came a bang’; ztt etc zanglette number 1. 7' welcome to the pleasure dome. 8' duel. 9' wild hearts. 10' ‘the value of entertainment’ — zang tuum tumb on the ambassadors stage. 11' who’s afraid (of the art of noise): IQ number 2. 12' p:machinery. 13' a secret wish: IQ number 3. 14' the shape of the universe souvenir of insignificance: IQ number 4. 15' when your heart runs out of time. 16' slave to the rhythm. 17' the object is a hungry wolf: IQ number 5. 18' sampled: IQ number 6. 19' everything could be so perfect; IQ number 7


A sleeve: organised by ZTT and XL. A studio: Trevor Horn, S.J. Lipson, Robert Kraushaar, Andy Richards, Art and ACT, Luis Jardim, Dave Meegan, Stuart Bruce, Nick Ryan. An office: Jill Sinclair, Karen Goodman, Paul Mc Donald. A camera: Anton Corbijn and a.j. Barratt. Pigalle by Sterling.


It has been a sleeve to an introduction. To wrap, to flatter, to keep in place, to trip. An interruption: this is the sleeve. There are two sides to the record, and 12 parts. It plays for about 44 minutes. Well, we would say that, wouldn’t we. Play for yourself, indeed. In spite…

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EXAMPLES: contents of the compilation

Side One

1* Closing by art of noise:

compacted by art of noise. Originally Close (to the edit) and before that a collision.

2* Disneyland by frankie goes to hollywood:

produced by Trevor Horn. a cartoon scally-tune drawn out of Frankie’s tape cupboard. Unavailable on any other record. A bait, comrades…

3* Femme Fatale by propaganda:

produced by propaganda. Subtitled ‘The Woman With the Orchid’ and slyly twisted into the Mabuse stream of things. Previously available on 12 ZTAS 2

4* Intermission by anne pigalle:

produced by luis jardim. The Gods Are Bored: is it the end of the world? Available on ZTTIQ7: the pigalle lp ‘everything could be so perfect’

5* Swamp Out by instinct:

produced by instinct and luis jardim, in the heat of the beat stay sweet, no sweat.

6* Egypt by art of noise:

some more: spanner in the works: fairly live in front of an audience at The Ambassadors Theatre. the only part of this record dedicated to Tommy Cooper.

7* The Object Is A Hungry Wolf extract one produced and performed by andrew poppy:

All’s well, in: and out. Available in it’s fullest form on ZTT IQ 5: the poppy lp ‘The Beating Of Wings.’

Side Two

1* p;Machinery (Beta) by propaganda:

originally produced by S.J. Lipson for ‘A Secret Wish’ (ZTT IQ 3) represented this way using the engineering of Robert Kraushaar and the guitar of John McGeoch (courtesy EMI America) Available on 12 XZTAS 12

2* Looking For Love by anne pigalle:

a demonstration of a song that appears on ‘everthing could be so perfect.’ Funny kind of love: is it the beginning of the world?

3* A Time For Fear (Who’s Afraid) by art of noise:

produced by Art Of Noise. introduced in a fairly live way by art! Part of an eight year work. begun two years ago. ‘The Raiding Of The 20th Century.’ Track available on Art Of Noise’s LP ‘Who’s Afraid (of the Art Of Noise)’ (ZTT IQ 2).

4* Born To Run by frankie goes to hollywood:

performed for Tyne Tees Television’s ‘The Tube’ — spite meeting might and bang!ing down an exclamation mark at very vague end of some American rock and roll. Studio presentation of the song available on the Frankie Goes To Hollywood LP ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome’ (ZTT IQ1).

5* The Object Is A Hungry Wolf extract two produced and performed by andrew poppy:

All’s well. in the beginning: and breathe out.

Label: Side 1

SAMPLED SIDE ONE; seven parts

Closing by art of noise (dudley horn jeczalik langan morley) produced by art of noise. Disneyland by frankie goes to hollywood (gill johnson nash o’toole) produced by trevor horn. Femme Fatale by propaganda (lou reed)* produced by propaganda. Intermission by anne pigalle (pigalle-plytas) produced by luis jardim. Swamp Out by instinct (jaeger johnstone underwood) produced by instinct+ luis jardim. Egypt by art of noise (dudley horn jeczalik langan morley) produced by art of noise. The Object Is A Hungry Wolf extract one by andrew poppy (poppy) produced by andrew poppy.

All parts published by perfect songs ltd except * published by RCA music ltd

IQ 6A STEREO 33 1/3

℗&© zang tuum tumb 1984 and 1985

nothing is comic

all rights of the manufacturer and the owner of the recorded work reserved. unauthorised public performance broadcasting and copying of the record prohibited

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Label: Side 2

SAMPLED SIDE TWO; five parts

p: Machinery (BETA) by propaganda (mertens dorper brucken freytag) produced by s.j. lipson. Looking For Love by anne pigalle (pigalle) produced by anne pigalle. A Time For Fear (Who’s Afraid) by art of noise (dudley horn jeczalik langan morley) produced by art of noise. Born To Run by frankie goes to hollywood (springsteen)* produced by trevor horn. The Object Is A Hungry Wolf extract two by andrew poppy (poppy) produced by andrew poppy.

All parts published by perfect songs ltd except * published by zomba music publ ltd

IQ 6B STEREO 33 1/3

℗&© zang tuum tumb 1984 and 1985

everything is comic

all rights of the manufacturer and the owner of the recorded work reserved. unauthorised public performance broadcasting and copying of the record prohibited

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