ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

WELCOME TO the pleasure poll… or RM Say OK Frankie, You Win… Yep, were proud to announce that you lot voted the Mersey boy wonders as pretty much the most exciting thing to happen all year. And who can argue with that?

The Scallies scooped top placings in five categories (best band, best single, best sleeve, best 12" remix and best video), so yall lapped up the ZTT marketing campaign with no complaints.

All three Frankie 45s got a mention in the best single and sleeve categories and Holly made an impression on his own in the best male artist and plastic surgery categories.

But we must not forget the mighty thrust of Wham!, or rather Georgie Michael… for although the dinky duo came in as runners-up in the best band section and appeared in two others, George came up trumps as best male artist and person most in need of plastic surgery, also getting a third place in the beaut stakes.

Careless Whisper totted up votes as second fave single, eighth fave 12" remix, fifth best vid. Sorry Andy, you only managed fifth in the plastic surgery stakes! They nose, you know…