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Frankie goes to choir practice!

THERES a strange irony behind the success of controversial band Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Their Number One single, Relax, was banned by the BBC because of its lyrical content, and the groups views on everything from sex to politics outraged the Establishment.

But it is ironic that vocalist Holly Johnson learned to sing — in church. And got paid for it!

Holly explains: “I got great voice training in St. Marys Church, Wavertree, in Liverpool, when I was a lad. Dressing up in cassocks was all part of the fun.

“I used to earn sixpence a week and although I dont go to church very much any more, Once In Royal Davids City is still my favourite hymn.”

Meanwhile the band are supporting a charity show on Saturday at The Cavern, Liverpool


They have sent autographed 12 inch records of their work to be raffled during a noon ‘till-midnight concert.

The neuro-surgical ward at Walton Hospital, Liverpool, and Dr. Barnados Home for the Disabled at Bell Vale will benefit.

Among others supporting the show are China Crisis and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Admission price: Any toy!